How To Manufacture Led Bulb From Components

How To Manufacture Led Bulb From Components

FAQ Q: Are you a manufacturer or trading company? A: We are manufacturer established in 2011, had been in this industry for 6 years. Q: What's your product range? A: We are mainly supplying LED assembly line,LED aging line and related packing machine. Q: Have you cooperated with big brand companies? A: Yes, we've cooperated with PHILIP.LEEDARSON.OSRAM.MIDEA.for their related products. Q: How about the package? A: Export Wooden case to protect this assembly line.

Product Details

◆The machine is equipped with intelligent detection device, easy to work with the front road equipment.

◆The machine can be used alone, and can be used in conjunction with other equipment to form a complete production line.

◆ The machine can switch the bulb specifications according to the user's different requirements, and the adjustment and debugging are simple and convenient, that is, it is suitable for the production of large quantities of a single variety, and can also meet the needs of users in small batch and multi species production.

◆The equipment has the function of product counting and operation speed display.

Encasing speed


Suitable For Led body diameter

40-80MM OR 50-90MM OR 60-100MM OR 70-110MM OR 80-120MM

Width Adjustable Range40mm;Height Adjustable Range60mm

Motor power


Power supply

Three-phase four wire 380V 50Hz

Machine noise


Working pressure

0.5-0.8 Mpa

Air consumption


Machine dimension(L×W×H)

4400×2100×2000mm(Contain feeding and output

Machine weight


How to manufacture Led bulb from raw materials or components

You can take the following videos for reference.

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