Facial Pack Product Automtic Carton Box Packing Machine

Facial Pack Product Automtic Carton Box Packing Machine

The facial pack automatic carton box packing machine is meeting the great needs of the development , especiall for the facial product

Product Details

Facial pack product Automtic carton box packing machine



Facial pack product Automatic carton box packing machine is the newest model which is our company further improved on the basis of advanced technologies at home and abroad. It is the high-tech product which integrates electricity, gas, light. The product is suitable for cartooning the pharmaceutical products, Foods, and cosmetic, poker, electronic and daily products and so on. The machine can finish automatically all jobs such as automatic side lining,leaflet folding, carton opening automatically,Euro-hole folding,the stuff cartooned, carton sealing and so on .It can be used alone, or be linked with the other device, to be a production line.


1.PLC automatic control.variable frequency speed regulation,electrical components are internationally renowned brands.

2.With automatic goods feeding,box opening,goods encasing,box sealing and scrap rejecting,the machine can be easily operated,running stably.

3.With overload protection device,the machine can ensure itself and workers more safer.

4.With the automatic detection and tracking system,the machine will reject the non-goods packages.

5.With the alarm system for mechanical defects,it will be much easier to maintain the machine.

6.According to customer’s requirement,the hot melt glue machine can be equipped to seal the boxes.

The main technical parameters

Model RY-ZH-80 

Packing speed : 40-60 box /min

The carton size  : L70-160  W35-80 H 35-80 mm   customize

Paper requirements  : Gray paperboard :300-350g/m³

                                   White paperboard250-350/m³

                                   Corrugated paper Need the samples to confirm

The samples



The automatic carton box packing machine . Is very popular in the Daily chemical industry. Especially for the Facial pack and the facial wash product  carton box packing .This series product has great market demand. Our machine is able to meet the needs of the market development.


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