Rounded Carton Box Packing Machine For 502 Glue

Rounded Carton Box Packing Machine For 502 Glue

this carton box packing machine is easy to operate.for big quantity production

Product Details

                                     Rounded carton box packing machine for 502 glue

carton box packing machine,box packing machine

1.1, adaptation: pharmaceutical industry, food industry, cosmetics industry, electronic industry carton vertical automatic molding packaging.

1.2, characteristics: the machine is designed for small size manufacturers of packaging carton size.

The cost is low and the area is small. The machine is a vertical automatic packing machine with many functions, and the time of changing the specifications and changing the die time is short.

304 stainless steel shell

The advanced PLC control system can easily set and change the packaging parameters combined with the 5.7 color touch-screen control panel.

1.3, optional function: automatic manual, hot melt glue spray sealing box, carbon date batch printing.


 1.4、   Packaging process:                                   

 Suck the carton to the star wheel.   

A small flap under a folding carton.

    Fold the lid .

      Insert the big flap

     The product is loaded into a carton.                                     

       A small flap on a folding carton.  

Fold the up  lid

Insert a big flap


Finished product






1.5、Main performance technical parameters

       Project / model:


packing speed


qualification rate


 carton box  specification


 carton box requirement


motor power

1/4HP 15:1


220V 50/60HZ single phase

 machine noisy


compress air

0.5-0.8 Mpa

 are consumption



L 1100 x  W 1500 x  H 1900 mm



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