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Advantage characteristics of LED hybrid aging line

- Nov 13, 2018 -

1, high degree of initiative:

The use of imitation voltage gradually to electronic energy-saving lamps to impact and switch test, its pipeline operation to enhance the quality of energy-saving lamps, but also has more advanced high-temperature high-pressure system, ultra-low-pressure launch and instantaneous high-pressure system;

2. Extensive voltage:

Voltage adjustment range is large, can be aging all kinds of voltage types of electronic energy-saving lamps;

3, Intelligent Control:

The use of PLC programming and display control, optimization of the messy line layout, with fine intelligent operation Interface, display instruction input, so that the control more accurate, more convenient operation;

4. Outstanding Skill Application:

The use of new conductive methods and each region with impact/aging of the two types of work, voltage conversion will be automatically generated, flexible and diverse working methods, so that the efficiency of the important increase is not only the LED hybrid aging line with a lot of flexibility and the advantages of the above, in addition to testing the aging of the product after a long life is also its market share gradually increasing genius.

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