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Automatic cartoning machine working principle

- Nov 13, 2018 -

Automatic cartoning machine working principle

Automatic boxing machine, manual unloading conveyor, mechanical operation caused by the chain, automatic in the ear, automatic feeding, spray pressure synthesis. Cartons stacked flat in the cassette tray, discharge cylinders, vacuum cups at the bottom of the suction tray on the tray on the face of the guide rail; rail guide rail bracket on the chain in front of forwarding folds, chain operations, and gradually became the mechanical movement of the ear. From the vertical outlet of the packaging machine to the cartoning machine conveying machine, and the automatic pushing project box in the running state, running on both sides of the hot melted rubber jet and the tray running on both sides is gradually folded and pressed tight, hot melt rubber. Vulcanized, run-in stamps automatically print dates and fonts clear, and the environment, and a single month can save nearly 10,000 yuan in printing supplies and output in well-packed molded carton packs.

Automatic cartoning machine is an integration of machine, electricity, gas, and optical high-tech products. Its scope is very extensive, mainly used in pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, electrical hardware, entertainment, household paper and similar items such as cartoning, automated manual folding of paper boxes opened, goods packed in boxes, print batches, letters Newspaper box, and so on. This machine can also be connected with other equipment to form a complete production line. Such as aluminum plastic blister packaging machine, aluminum blister packaging machine, pillow packaging machine production line. At present, this technology is widely used and greatly improves the efficiency of the installed automatic cartoning machine.

Automatic boxing machine

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