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Automatic face mask carton box packing machine

- Nov 13, 2018 -

Automatic face mask carton box packing machine

The trend of large-scale manufacturing and mass production of mask is becoming more and more obvious. This puts forward higher requirements for the packaging equipment after the manufacture of the mask, and the stability of the equipment is also very important. This article focuses on how to ensure the stability of high-speed box loading machine.

With the domestic and foreign market demand and development trend, the introduction of advanced foreign design concept, through the manufacturing platform, to build high-end packaging equipment, to meet the domestic and foreign market demand, complete the systematic layout of the project.

The power driving system of the box packing machine consists of three parts: high precision steering synchronizer, servo motor and variable frequency motor. Through power transmission and process control, high precision operation can be realized to ensure the stability of the equipment, reduce the number of downtime and failure rate, and improve the efficiency of equipment utilization.

The main object of the packaging is mask, which is mainly used to pack the dispersed mask into the carton, and complete the carton box and the finished product output.

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