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Correct treatment of the advantages and disadvantages of LED aging line

- Nov 13, 2018 -

Advantages and disadvantages of LED aging line

Many led manufacturers in the LED lamps in the factory, will use LED lamps aging line long aging testing, testing whether the lamp is qualified or whether the initial will be ineffective, if the product problems or potential undesirable products, led manufacturers can timely repair, can avoid bad products to the hands of customers, affect the image of manufacturers, learn more about the role of aging line can be referenced "led aging line is what led aging line role."

However, we also see the LED aging line quality control means there are several deficiencies:

1. Long aging time, low efficiency, power consumption, occupy the venue;

2. The light color electric parameter sampling proportion is low, the risk is big;

3. After the aging need to manually transported to the sampling station, time-consuming, laborious;

4. Can not effectively identify darkening, color drift and so on;

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