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Customize automation equipment bring instant benefit to the enterprise

- Nov 13, 2018 -

Customize automation equipment bring instant benefit to the enterprise


We all know that the cost of labor has been rising over the years.

More and more enterprises have begun to introduce some automation equipment to replace human production, in view of this factor, the concern of the non standard automation equipment is now heating up day by day.

Non standard equipment is not as simple as the traditional equipment, it is based on the enterprise process to customize the production line, so that the production operation  become more convenient, bring immediate benefits to the production of enterprises.


In recent years, the development of many enterprises in China and all over the world has been inseparable from the contribution of non standard equipment. Many industrial enterprises in China are also developing rapidly, which makes our country a big labor power. In order to control labor costs, realize industrial chain transformation and upgrading, and enhance corporate image, enterprises increasingly tend to build intelligent factories. Intelligent automation equipment came into being in this situation. Enterprises realized automatic production through non-standard automation equipment, which became a modern trend. The following is a dramatic change. A regular production line requires more than 30 workers, and only 3 to 5 technicians will be able to complete production needs after using non - standard automation equipment.


For its own production line, a non - standard automatic equipment is set up to be made according to its own needs. It can be operated easily and flexible, and can be added  special functions especially in some enterprises need . Now the era of developing automated production lines is coming.

So, in order to get higher and better benefits for your enterprise, come to Guangzhou Rongyu machinery Co.,LTD. to customize your automation equipment, we are waiting for your visit at any time!


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