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The digital process of the packing machine is speeding up

- Nov 13, 2018 -

The digital process of the packing machine is speeding up

As early as a few years ago, cartoning machine packaging machinery is still in the semi-automatic level, only after several years of development, including the cartoning machine, including the entire packaging machinery industry quickly into the digital age, packaging machinery in automation , Intelligent level to achieve a large leap, the digital process to speed up. Cartier digital process so fast thanks to the further development of China's electronic level, the new electronic technology, especially the emergence of decentralized computers, packaging machines and other packaging machinery to improve production efficiency while making the equipment more flexible.

     Now, to cartoning machine, for example, Guangzhou Rongyu Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. automatic cartoning machine compared to traditional mechanical or mechanical and electrical packaging machine is not only more automated, efficient, intelligent, equipment, smaller, the corresponding Space requirements are even lower. Cartier digital process to accelerate the better to meet the actual production needs of various industries in the promotion of product packaging quality at the same time for the enterprise to save more human spending, carton digital development of the production enterprises in the hardware and software research and development Manufacturing made a higher demand.

     Guangzhou Rongyu Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. as the first domestic LED bulb cartoning machine manufacturers, has been committed to providing higher quality cartoning machine products and services for the carton digital development of their own contribution

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