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Energy-saving lamp hair tube aging Line Operation steps

- Nov 13, 2018 -

Energy-saving lamp hair tube aging Line Operation steps

1, check the appearance of the machine is abnormal, the chain board is stacked with objects, if there is a timely clean-up;

2. Check whether the emergency stop switch at the work position of the line body bounces back in the open position (the boot should be the bouncing state);

3. Turn on the total switch of the power supply and the electric box, the total power supply of the equipment is the three-phase five-wire 380V, see if the city voltage is in normal condition, the system can be started under the ordinary conditions, open the aging zone switch, and adjust the voltage to the desired voltage value;

4, open the line body switch, the line body speed to the required speed;

5. The worker must load and unload the lamp in the area without electricity, and the ballast installed on the front of the inspection station should be matched with the aging capillary tube.

6, the aging trolley car above is strictly prohibited piling goods;

7, in the area of loading and unloading lights with emergency stop switch, when the line body is found abnormal operation, the switch down, the entire line body stopped, then should be checked to exclude anomalies, after the determination of abnormal exclusion, the switch can be rotated clockwise so that the switch back to open position, the line body resumed operation.

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