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GOOD NEWS The LED pillar lamp automatic assembly machine can produce the pp cover

- Nov 13, 2018 -

The LED pillar lamp autoamtic assembly machine can fit the pp type cover 

The LED light assembly machine for standard usually has the high requirment for the LED lamp components. especially for the cover . If  the cover is too soft or too flexible will cause trouble during the proccessing. Normally is pc cover can be use for automatic project . The cost  for the those three type of material are different. Pc is the most expensive one  and then ps  and pp.

Now more and more manufacturer would like to cut down the cost . Plus they are not just go to the high level product market. Some of then would like to do the popular consumer goods. And they would like to  use the PP material.

And Rongyu machinery can make that happen.

LED pillar lamp with pp raw material. help you to cut down the cost and also with the stable capacity

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