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How to operate and maintenance the machine in the right way

- Nov 13, 2018 -

The pace of human civilization is moving forward. In the course of human development, the invention and use of mechanical equipment is one of the most brilliant achievements of modern civilization. Human beings are replacing traditional manpower through high performance machinery and equipment, which greatly improves the workload that human or minority people can't finish, and the mechanical equipment has promoted people. As a kind of social progress, human work has been gradually transformed from the original manual labor to the technical operation of the related machinery and equipment, so that human labor and mechanical equipment operation are closely integrated. But any mechanical equipment has the service life, in the operation process, if improper use, there will be problems, equipment meet the needs of human labor, but also have their own problems and shortcomings, only to continue to solve the weaknesses of mechanical equipment, can ensure the normal operation of equipment, maintenance of machinery and equipment become the most people. For concern, mechanical equipment maintenance has become a very important content in daily production and life.

1 the importance of maintenance of mechanical equipment

The maintenance of mechanical equipment is a preventive technical guarantee before the mechanical equipment has reached a certain wear and tear, and the maintenance of mechanical equipment is mandatory. In addition to the daily maintenance of machinery and equipment, it is also necessary to maintain regular maintenance, keep the parts of mechanical equipment fastened, lubricated and clean, reduce the wear rate of mechanical equipment, and prolong the use cycle of mechanical equipment. If the mechanical equipment is not regularly maintained, it will affect the normal operation of enterprises and cause certain economic losses to enterprises and companies.

The setting and principles of maintenance and maintenance standards for 2 equipment

The application of equipment maintenance methods must be based on specific and clear standards to set this standard in order to understand the work objectives of the maintenance department, and to evaluate the efficiency of the equipment maintenance work by the performance evaluation and the place where the maintenance results are found to be technically needed to improve the efficiency of the equipment maintenance work. There should be: the frequency of sudden failure, the number of sudden failures divided by the operation time of the equipment; the sudden failure intensity rate, the outage time of the sudden failure is divided by the time of the equipment operation; the change process of the stop time refers to the shutdown time for each unit of each month; the project planning rate, the project schedule divided by the total working hours; engineering plan. The completion rate is divided by the number of work hours planned.

The application principle of equipment maintenance methods mainly introduces the purpose of reducing fault principle equipment maintenance to reduce equipment failure and ensure the normal operation of equipment, maintenance must follow the following steps to prevent equipment from failure again, find out the weakness of the operation of the equipment, in the weakness. Find out the possible adverse effects or potential problems, identify the reasons for the adverse factors and the possible methods of prevention, and think about the emergency response if the preventive action does not play a proper role.

In addition, the effective maintenance system should be set up by all departments in accordance with the principles stipulated in this system, correctly dividing the type of equipment, and according to the equipment's position in production and operation, the complexity of the structure, the difficulty of using and maintaining, and dividing the equipment into three levels, such as important equipment, main equipment and general equipment. On the basis of the dynamic data, the Department of technical equipment and equipment department should list the weak link of equipment, organize the trial on time and determine the project that should be solved on time. The deputy general manager of the project is responsible for organizing the relevant personnel to consider the improvement plan and setting up the post maintenance plan.

3 how to do well in maintenance of machinery and equipment

3.1 regularly carry out special inspection of equipment

In order to ensure the good operation of the equipment, it is necessary to organize professional personnel to do routine inspections of the equipment. In the process of maintenance, it is necessary to examine the failure of the machine carefully, make a calm judgment, evaluate the degree of maintenance that the machine needs to make, and then form a repair scheme for the compensation. During the inspection, it is necessary to focus on solving the problems of loosening, wear, corrosion and fouling of the equipment, constantly rectify and adjust the errors to ensure the normal operation of the machinery and equipment. The maintenance of mechanical equipment is evaluated, and the primary damage should be solved quickly. In order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment by replacing and adjusting the parts, the general operators can complete the primary maintenance. If serious problems occur in mechanical equipment, overhaul is needed to ensure the accuracy and performance of mechanical equipment, and to ensure the original standards and technical requirements.

3.2 cultivate good operating habits

Equipment and people have a certain life life, only a comprehensive good maintenance and maintenance of equipment can guarantee the state of machinery and equipment, the habits of the operators affect the life of the equipment. The operators and the mechanical equipment have the most contact. Do business training regularly and correct some bad operation habits of operators. Operators should master more machine operation principles and improve skills while solving small problems in time.

3.3 scientific and reasonable management

Enterprise management is very important, directly affecting the future development of enterprises, and the role of people in enterprise management is very important. In the whole management process, managers at all levels must strengthen the overall consciousness and overall consciousness. Only in this way can we take good care of the interests of the employees on the basis of improving the efficiency of production. It also solves the problem of mechanical use and ensures that the machine does not overload. The busy season for the task, the staff and the machine over

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