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Installation of LED lamp aging line needs attention

- Nov 13, 2018 -

LED Lamp aging line manufacturers 

LED fluorescent lamp aging line 

design should ensure that the shortest delivery of parts, production workers easy to operate, assisted by the productive Department, the most effective use of producing area, and consider the LED fluorescent lamp aging line device between the connection.

LED aging test process in the production of LED products in a very important process, some companies in the production did not comply with strict requirements, often negligent of this process, produced by the quality of the product is not a strong guarantee. This article describes why to use led aging line?

The constant current source means that the currents are stable at all times. LED aging Test is based on the product failure rate curve that is the characteristics of the bath tub curve adopted countermeasures, Zhongshan LED lamp aging line manufacturers to improve the product reliability, but this method is not necessary, the aging test is dedicated to the single LED product of the value of the stature. Constant-current aging is the most compatible with led current operating characteristics, is the most scientific led aging method; Over current impact aging is also the latest selection of manufacturers of an aging method, after the use of frequency adjustable, current-adjustable constant current source for such aging, in order to determine the quality of the LED in a short period of time expectancy, and can pick out many of the formula aging can not be singled out dangerous led.

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