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LED aging problem and solution

- Nov 13, 2018 -

LED aging solution

1, the purchase of regular manufacturers of qualified LED single lamp grain (need to have manufacturers to provide the quality parameters of the description), their own production module. Do not buy in the electronic market for cheap LED single lamp grain or has made a good module. If you need to purchase modules, you should see the module installed a few resistors, the installation of a resistor module is best not to use. Resistance in the module is limited to the role of the current, very easy to heat. Long-time continuous use, once the resistance is burnt, the module will not be lit. LED lights are generally not bad. Do not throw away the module, just replace a resistor of the same resistance can be used normally. This will save money for the production unit. To reduce trouble and save money, it's best to install

Led light-emitting characters have two resistors of the module. In addition, the production facility of the supplier of the module should be understood to see whether it used antistatic device when making the module. If there is no additional anti-static facilities, in use even if the resistance is not burned, LED lights can easily be broken.

2, LED lamp safe Use current generally is 20 ma, surpasses this numerical value, although the brightness will increase some, but the color attenuation will obviously accelerate. Therefore, you must test the output current value of the assembled LED module. Less than 20 ma brightness, more than 22 ma affect led life, so that the color attenuation accelerated.

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