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LED assembly line function

- Nov 13, 2018 -

LED assembly line function

1, the speed of the conveying process is correct and stable, which can ensure accurate synchronous delivery.

2. The aluminum profile made of characteristic is very convenient to assemble.

3, simple structure, beautiful appearance, practical and no noise.

4. The transport volume is large and the load can be loaded.

5, high automation, multi-function;

6, facilitate the accumulation of transport, can be used as assembly line or used for storage and transportation of goods;

7, the equipment performance is guaranteed, can adapt to any bad place (high temperature, dust) work;

8, chain conveyor is used as a chain plate as a traction and load body to transport things, the chain can be the ordinary sleeve roller conveyor chain, also can use some other special chain;

What is the role of the LED assembly line in the work

1. when the production capacity is relatively stable, and this automatic processing system consists of one or more machine tools, and can also have a relegation ability when the applause occurs, and our material transfer system will have its own ability to bypass the fault machine.

2.the quality of the product is very high, and the parts can be loaded and unloaded in one time when they are processed and installed. The precision of the processing is very high, and the processing form is very stable.

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