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LED bulb automatic assembly machine makinng company report

- Nov 13, 2018 -

LED bulb automatic assembly machine making company report 

As  the LED light industry getting ripe in this few yeas . The factories start to seek for a new way to produce the LED LIGHT , especially for the LED bulb . The automatic production assembly line will become their first choice.

There are many options for them . Start to choose the single from the five basic machines. The LED bulb automatic assembly machine , The LED bulb aging machine, The LED bulb automactic carton box packing machine , The Led bulb  wrapping and shrinking machine and The LED bulb big box sealing machine.  Or take the whole production line machine set up in the factory to minimize the labour /manpower.

And here comes questions. How to make the right choice.  To tranform the production assembly line from manual to automatic.  Confirm with the basic questions.As below

1 . The most important making -product , or plan- to- make- product . 

2 .  List out the capacity your facotry or company had done usually. And after you set up the automatic project ,what is the capacity you  are expecting.

3 .  The most popular kind of lamp in you tarket market.

4 .  The available space in your factory.

5 .  The how many labour you plan to keep in the factory.

Why need to confirm :

Number one , the automation solution is all about the machine, machine can never  replace the worker entirely . Machine has its own limitation. (a range of the product can tell ) will help both of us figure it out if the machine can make the product.

Number two , the automatic assembly machine reach the capacity 1200pcs /h,make sure the capacity can meet your need.

Number three, the popular lamp can help you to figure it our if it worth to make it 

Number four ,The machines connect together takes different space ,if you install in in different want.

Number five, 5 five worker handle one production line usually.

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