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LED bulb production line of the process

- Nov 13, 2018 -

Technological process of LED bubble production line

The task of making LED bubble production line process is to determine the organization form of LED bubble production line according to the product drawings, technical requirements, acceptance standards and production program, existing production conditions and other raw materials. The formulation of the technological process of LED bulb production line plays an important role in guaranteeing the assembly quality, improving the assembly production efficiency, reducing the labor intensity of workers and reducing the production cost. LED bulb process production line refers to the file in the form of assembly sequence, content, methods and test items and other provisions of the operation down, as technical documents to guide the assembly work and organization of LED bulb production line according to the production.  

  1. basic principles to develop LED bulb production technology and raw material reasonable arrangement of assembly sequence, minimize fitter assembly workload, shorten the period of LED bulb assembly production line, improve the efficiency of assembly, ensure that a series of requirements of assembly line product quality is the basic principle to develop LED bulb production technology. The raw material for the assembly process is the technical standard for acceptance of the product, the production program of the product and the existing production conditions.  

  2. LED bulb process production line, assembly line of product assembly, assembly unit partition, determine the assembly sequence of parts and assembly method; determine the assembly requirements of LED bulb in each process of production line, inspection method and inspection tools; selection and design required in the process of assembly tool, fixture and special equipment; determine the transport method of LED bulb production line assembly parts and transportation tools; determine the LED bulb production line time quota. 

  3. LED bulb making production line process steps, first analysis of LED bulb production line products raw materials; determination method of assembly LED bulb production line organization form; assembly unit partition; determine assembly sequence; assembly process division; prepare assembly process documents; development of product inspection and test specification.

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