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LED lamp aging line will encounter problems

- Nov 13, 2018 -

LED lamp aging line will encounter problems

1, LED service life is short

Regular manufacturers of LED theory of the use of the general life of 80,000 hours. But a lot of luminous word is not enough one years to start the frequent replacement of LED modules, to customers and advertisers have brought a lot of trouble and economic losses. LED aging equipment will produce more problems if not checked in time.

2, the color decay very fast

Just installed the luminous word issued by the pure bright color, can use less than one years of color is obviously bleak down. Make the font red, green and not green very ugly.

3, the color is uneven, the chromatic aberration is obvious

The main performance in the pure white led production of large volume of luminous words. In the assembly of a single module performance is not obvious, the entire font assembly complete, the color difference is evident, the whole literal like a map, a white, a blue, a yellow.

4, suddenly not bright or when the light is not bright

The font part strokes, the whole suddenly does not light or when the light is not bright, the luminous word after using a period of time local or the entire font light source starts to appear flashes, the Shiliang is not bright, until completely does not shine.

5, output power is larger, saving energy is not obvious

Font output power is larger, save energy is not obvious.

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