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LED lamps intelligent production line

- Nov 13, 2018 -

LED lamps intelligent production line

      With the LED lighting market demand are rising, LED lighting enterprises traditional manual or semi-automatic mode of production will face manufacturing cost and quality consistency in automation, bottleneck, scale and standardization to achieve lean production, reduce the cost of the LED lighting will become the key enterprises to win the future market.

      In the traditional LED lamp assembly process, there are various parts of the power supply assembly kit, welding and packaging close to 20 processes by manual, time-consuming and seriously restricted the improvement of the production capacity of LED lamps.

      In recent years, a number of LED lighting listed companies are beginning to automate the production line and trial production, in order to improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs.

      In this context, RongYu machine complete the LED lamps intelligent production line research and development.

      According to the relevant responsible person said, "The line can be based on different customer LED bulb structure, process assembly, reasonable layout of the production line, making the whole layout reasonable and different types of bulb can be produced in the same production line.

      At the same time, you can also through intelligent robots or manual access to RY-ZP-1200 LED lamps automatic aging detection line, to achieve the lowest cost of LED lighting fully automated, intelligent assembly, aging, testing a complete solution.

LED lamps intelligent production line

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