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LED light automatic production line set up a new facotory

- Nov 13, 2018 -

How to set up a new factory with the LED light automatic assembly production machine line

More and more customer would like to start their new business in their own country. Especially in the LED industry.

Here comes the reasons :

First the government policy. As the taxes rate changed ,The tax on the complete lamp purchase has been raised. many businessman they had the experience about purchasing the Led complete light in other country. Start to try to purchase the LED light components and make the LED light in the local place  instead of the complete light in the overseas market . For this reason they try to order the automatic machine to set up a new factory .

Secondly some of company is making the electricity product, they try to have

a try to the LED light industry and take good use of  this big opportunity .Expand their business in the local market.


During this time , the automatic assembly is going to be developed . And more and more factory realize that , the management is high-cost bushiness, especially the human-resource management. The best way is take the automatic assembly production machine line.


Before this project need to figure it out this basic information


Led light component information. For example , choose what kind of LED lamp base , from how many watt to start.Prepare the sample for the machine supplier so that they can provide the the best solution and give the right suggestion.

Make sure the factory land taking , the automatic assembly production machine line takes about 21-27 meters length , 5-7 meters width

Make sure the mainly big quantity product , the machine has its own limitation.

A range about how much diameter it can fit in the machine.

Make sure the capacity . the machine can reach 1200pcs/hour. Once you sure , then can figure out how to order the machine


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