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Pharmaceutical cartoner

- Nov 13, 2018 -

Pharmaceutical packing machine

In general, vertical cartoning machines have a faster packaging speed, but they are smaller in size and generally only packaged in the scope of the Jade Drug Council. A single product and a horizontally mounted cartoner can be used to pack a variety of products. Soap, drugs, food, hardware class, auto parts category.

Cartoning machine..

(1) Need to insert drugs;

(2) The production date, batch number, and expiry date (such as special drug management code) of the pallet should be randomly printed;

(3) Statistics of the inventory of the containers (it should be a GMP certification assessment that meets the standards, and 4,703 article counts require the drugs);

(4) internal packaging and drug quality inspection;

(5) Adapt to changes/time requirements. For the use of other cartoners, several special points do not need to be satisfied.

Drug Cartoning Machine..

1) Packaged into boxes can be divided into horizontal and vertical. Among them, the model that is forced into the packaging carton model is called horizontal, and the model of vertical loading into the carton is called vertical.

2) Can be used as a sealer for the finisher box, adhesives, blends, tongues to add stickers, expansion, self-locking, etc.

3) To divide the shape of the packaging (such as blister packaging), bottle shape, tube shape, profiled, etc.

4) According to the packaging specifications can be divided into single, double, multiple parts, components (for example, a bottle of antibiotic powder + 1 ampoule injection).

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