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Robot Palletizer Working Principle

- Oct 13, 2018 -

Robot Palletizer Working Principle

1. Packing bag down bag lifting: finished bulk bag in the material filling into the bag after the edge of the closure, the finished product bag is standing, through the cylinder down the bag to make it flat state, and then through the disc rotation The bag is returned to the middle of the conveyor belt, and the bag is then lifted into the lifting belt. Both sides of the lifting belt are fitted with an adjustment baffle to adjust the bag to the specified position. Lifting the belt to lift the bag to the robot palletizer platform. The box does not need this device, packaged and can be transported directly to the robot palletizer platform.

2. Packing bag: packaging qualified packaging bag sent to the leveling machine by the conveyor, the use of leveling machine will be packaged bags for flat operation, the material compaction evenly filled with bags, to keep the bag flat; No flattening.

3. Detection of crawling: finishing a good bag to reach the crawler roller, the robot detects the crawler roller on the packaging bag (box), the robot reaches the positioning point to the bag (box), the robot open clip From the bag to turn, according to the set of marshalling stacking, palletizing;

4. Palletizing: the packaging bag (box) in accordance with the set of stacking yards to carry out the completion of the pallet after a forklift or driving the tray directly to complete the palletizing process;

5. Pallet library supply tray: After the palletizing process is completed, the pallet lifting mechanism lifts the entire empty tray, leaving the bottom of the tray, and the conveyor will transport the bottom of the pallet to the robot palletizing Machine palletizing, pallet hoist to the rest of the empty tray down, so the completion of a layer of empty tray transport, the robot palletizer to continue palletizing, followed by circulation.

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