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Solution for packaging of LED bulb lamp

- Nov 13, 2018 -

Solution for packaging of LED bulb lamp

Guangzhou Rong Yu Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. to provide you with LED bulb packaging problem solving methods. As we all know, when the incandescent lamp delisting, the LED manufacturers have launched LED bulb of this effect. The development of LED industry in recent years is particularly fast, especially LED bulbs, production surge, bring greater pressure to the lamp packaging LED bulb, LED bulb, not only conducive to the implementation of government policies around the world, also launched new lighting together escalating in the domestic and foreign manufacturers, because LED replace the incandescent lamp has become an inevitable trend.

In this trend, the LED industry is gradually emerging, not only led bulb packaging, the entire LED industry product packaging have encountered a problem. How to pack LED products faster and better is the difficult problem that many enterprises have been facing. In view of this demand, high-speed, automatic packaging machinery equipment came into being. The LED bulb packing, we recommend the use of automatic box packaging machine to complete the tedious tasks, the original LED bulb packaging needs ten people, we use the device instead of reduced to 2 operations can be completed, this proposal that very important for lighting enterprises. Rong Yu machinery only do one thing, to provide customers with a full range of after paragraph packaging equipment, to solve the customer's labor force, improve production efficiency. The trust of our customers is the driving force of our sales.

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