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The difference between the light tube T5 and T8

- Nov 13, 2018 -

What's the difference between the light tube T5 and the T8, do you know?


With the increasing variety of LED lamps, everyone's minds are in a bit of a mess. Today, let's take the LED lamp as an example. Many people do not know what the difference between LEDT5 and T8's tube is. 

Now let's get to know it. The size of LEDT5 lamp and LEDT8 lamp is different. The size of the T8 tube is 26MM, while the size of the T5 lamp is smaller, 16MM, and the diameter of the T5 lamp is also smaller. LEDT5 lamp tube uses rare earth three - color fluorescent powder, compared with T8 lamp in energy consumption, LEDT5 lamp tube should save energy more, so the choice of T5 lamp tube is more energy saving and more environmental protection than T8 lamp tube. 

If the T8 and T5 tubes are used for life comparison, the life of T5 lamps will be longer. Because the new technology of T5 tube has been used, the loss rate has been reduced, and the life expectancy has also been longer. Similarly, there is a difference in brightness between the two. Because the volume of the T5 lamp is smaller, the brightness of the lamp is smaller when it is energized, so the T8 lamp should be brighter. If you choose a brighter tube, choose the T8 tube and choose a dimmer lamp to select the T5 lamp. 

T8 and T5 lamps are also different in terms of usage and location. T8 lamps are generally used in places such as public areas, factories, hospitals and other places. The probability of almost appearing is larger, and the T5 lamp tube is generally used more in the field of domestic clothing. Therefore, when we choose these two kinds of lamps and lanterns, we should choose according to their own needs and choose the most suitable lamp according to their own characteristics.

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