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The use of LED aging line

- Nov 13, 2018 -

The use of LED aging line

What is the real purpose of aging led aging line? LED aging line can be screened out in addition to the quality, the brightness is not constant LED energy-saving lamp products, early failure to improve product quality testing purposes. LED aging line in the past in the LED lamps and electronic products are rarely used in processing, this reason without the certification of scientists is not easy to conclude. But now the lighting and electronic devices are becoming more and more ineffective, and if the lamps and electronic devices are also in line with the tub curve, then there must be the problem of electronic devices and led energy-saving lamps and lanterns. So Qifeng automation thought to make new products, early should add long aging time, the failure of the device root cause analysis, determine the failure mechanism, whether and temperature stress, voltage and so on, and improve, through continuous improvement, product stability. In order to achieve a complete production process, lamps and electronic devices through led aging line aging.

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