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Trouble shooting of Sealing machine

- Nov 13, 2018 -

sealing machine

1. The clamping of the sealing machine is too slow or the clamping stroke is insufficient: the bolts are loose, the front buckle or the plate machine is worn. At this point, you can tighten the bolt and note the correct position of the front button. Also can replace the front button or the plate machine inside the piece, completes above the movement, tests its function, if the stroke is too short then fine-tune the front button axis, if the movement is slow then fine-tune the front buckle axis;

2. The piston rod is leaking: the main bottom ring is damaged. The ring should be replaced at this time.

3. Air leakage: Switch valve ring or switch seat ring damage or piston ring damage. Replace the ring.

4. The trigger is leaking: the switch valve ring or the switch seat ring is damaged. Replace the ring.

5. Drive ring looseness can not be located: Steel strip and transmission spring inelastic. Remove the combination of the board, and replace the spring tip or change the steel bar and drive spring.

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