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Understanding of mechanical failure of spray glue cartoner

- Nov 13, 2018 -

Understanding of mechanical failure of 

spray glue cartoner

During the use of the machine, due to wear, deformation, corrosion or other reasons of the parts, the relative position and working relationship of the parts change, resulting in changes in the technical status of each part, loss of working ability or loss of capacity. Cartoning machines such as engines start Difficulties, increased fuel consumption, decreased power, or other anomalies (such as oil leaks, water leaks, abnormal gas leaks, etc.) may not even work. When some of its technical specifications exceed the allowable limits, it is said that the machine has failed.

   When the machine has its own array, it must take necessary technical measures to eliminate it in time, and it cannot work “with sickness”. Otherwise, the cartoning machine will form a vicious cycle, aggravate the wear of the parts, cause a more serious array, and even lead to accidental damage.

   Some machines can be eliminated after necessary maintenance and adjustment. Such as valve clearance is too large or too small; fuel injector due to inadequate adjustment of the pressure; bolt screws loose, or loose pipes caused by leakage, leakage, leakage and so on. Some failures cannot be eliminated with general maintenance adjustments, such as valve leakage, wear of pump plungers, wear of piston rings, etc. 

Cartoning machines must be repaired to restore their normal operating performance.

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