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What are the common problems with cartoning machines?

- Nov 13, 2018 -

What are the common problems with cartoning machines?

Cartoning machines currently have the following seven problems. Let's look at them one by one.

(1) The speed of the machine is limited by the speed of the following instructions and the lower board, and the design should be more reasonable

(2) The stability of the machine after a long period of high-speed operation is relatively poor, requiring stable operation, and more use of the servo system;

(3) Accuracy cannot be achieved after long-time operation, synchronization is not good, and reliability is required;

(4) The adaptability to the product is low, its function is relatively single, the adaptation surface is relatively narrow, and the shape and volume of the medicine to be loaded are subject to stricter regulations;

(5) The reliability of the equipment is not high, requiring frequent maintenance and affecting the production schedule;

(6) The production efficiency is not high, the operation speed is slow, and the degree of automation is not high;

(7) The cartoning machine is very sensitive to the dimensional deviation of the specification, for example, the dimensional deviation requirement of the specification should be less than ±0.5 mm. In the daily production, the phenomenon that the specification is thin and the card machine may appear. Sometimes, the tray may not be easily opened or jammed due to a slight change in the size of the tray.

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