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What is the LED production line

- Nov 13, 2018 -

What is the LED production line?

LED production line is the LED lamp production process through the route, that is, from the raw materials into the production site, after processing, transportation, assembly, testing and a series of production activities constitute the line. LED production line is organized according to the principle of the object, the completion of the product process of a form of production, that is, according to the principle of LED specialization, with the production of a product (zero, parts) need a variety of equipment, workers, Product (zero, parts) of all manufacturing work.

LED production line consist of LED assembly line.LED aging line,LED box packing machines and LED packing machines for cases.

The meaning of LED production line:

1. To improve the efficiency of workers and equipment tooling;

2. Time-consuming consumption of single-piece products, lower costs (equivalent to raising per capita production)

3. To reduce the process of products, the real "a flow";

4. On the basis of balanced LED production line to achieve unit production, improve production capacity, corresponding to market changes, to achieve flexible production system;

5. Through the balance of LED production line can be integrated into the program analysis, action analysis, planning (Layout) analysis, handling analysis, time analysis and all other IE practices to improve the overall quality of the full.

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