An Interview From CCTV

- Dec 18, 2017 -

A interview from CCTV

Guangzhou RongYu Intelligent Machinery Co.,Ltd

when visiting the production workshop

CCTV column group  give full recognition For this team consisting of 90's

Innovation and serious hard work attitude.

Our General manager-

Mr.Zheng Jingwen

Personally introduced the new features of Rongyu Packing machine

And stressed: we are not just selling machinery,

And is committed to the LED lighting industry services platform!


We will be market-Oriented,adhere to the reform and innovation,

through continuous exploration and improvement,

the mastery of the Packaging technology and automation 

system research on the combination,

and constantly create automated Packaging systems classic. 

"People from the heavy packing production line to liberate,

let the machine instead of manual operation,

make the enterprise to reduce cost,improve the production efficiency, 

the embodiment of corporate image"-

this is theChevette worked for the final mission and goals. 

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