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Aging Equipment Electronic Load Machine CC And CV Mode

- Nov 13, 2018 -

The CC of the load is the constant current mode

Aging equipment in the CC mode, we can adjust the load current value, that is, the constant current value size. After setting up, and the power is pulled, under normal circumstances, the current in the loop is the current that we set on the load, and this current is constant. Can be used to test the constant voltage power supply, that is, to change the load current value, the output voltage of the power supply can be constant.

The load CV is constant pressure mode:

Aging equipment in the CV mode, we adjust the load voltage value size, used in the control loop of the two-terminal voltage. After setting up, with the power supply, under normal conditions, the voltage at both ends of the load is the voltage we set on the load, and the voltage is constant at this time. Can be used to test the constant current output of the power supply, that is, to change the load voltage, verify that the power supply output constant.


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