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Application Field Of Series-type Energy-saving Aging Test Equipment

- Nov 13, 2018 -

Suitable for single group DC output power adapter, charger, is a large number of high-quality customer choice.

Technical highlights of series-type energy-saving aging equipment:

1. Energy Saving and emission reduction: save 85% of the aging electricity, reduce the 50% equipment main power configuration, reduce the 85% aging calorific value.

2. Monitor the output voltage and current and aging temperature of the products and record the data, and monitor the aging condition of the products. Improve product quality and save manpower and reduce costs.

3. Aging load current is set by computer, reduce operation time and reduce cost.

4. Aging Test common fixture, easy to import automated testing, reduce aging installed time.

5. Cabinet structure, convenient transportation and relocation.

6. The temperature control cabinet body faces the double-sided Cold plate powder coating (the middle fills the high temperature resistant fireproof rock wool).

7. Main control mode adopt PLC&PC intelligent control.

8. The total aging time is set by PC, 0~999.9H can be programmed.

9./timing is set by PC, multi segment/sequence can be programmed to meet different product aging test.

10. Noise control ≤70db.

11. Temperature control Range 40~60℃±2℃ (no-load).

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