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Daily Maintenance Of LED Aging Line And Methods To Solve The Problem

- Nov 13, 2018 -

1, basic line body: the use of large roller chain traction transmission, the pitch is t=38.1㎜, the power configuration is 1.5kw/220v Motor, the Reducer adopts WPS type 100#1:100, the governor uses the frequency conversion stepless speed Regulation (220V/1.5KW), the line speed is the v=0~5m/min adjustable, the normal running speed is 1.5m/min;

2, light chain PLATE: the use of the chain plate to be tested on the bracket, each board can be placed at the same time 4-6 lights, the whole use of copper conductive block configuration new type of copper nail explosion-proof lamp, contact good and reliable, easy to take, fast. Each board hangs on the traction chain and can be freely removed. The power supply of the chain plate is realized by the conductive copper block by brushing the conductive stainless steel piece, and with the unipolar dz43-16a switch, if the electronic component burns out or the leakage of the line body appears, the unipolar switch will trip the protection.

3, conductive rail: The conductive sheet uses 3 high performance copper strip conduction, the copper strip bottom side laying along the epoxy resin insulating board, guaranteed the good insulation of the line body. Put it on the machine, the equipment for three-phase electric balance use, each phase of electricity for 1/3 of the lamp use, conductive rail to set a low pressure zone, atmospheric pressure Zone, high pressure zone and no voltage zone, each voltage area of the voltage from the electric control box in the corresponding from the Lotus regulator set. The upper three voltage area, lower three voltage area.

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