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Glory: Won The Aladdin Magic Lamp Technology Award

- Nov 13, 2018 -

Box packing machine 

RY-ZH-80 is a new product developed by our company. It has wide application range, high efficiency and stable operation. It can be used in one machine and is suitable for the packaging of bulb, bulb and LED lamp in lighting industry. Its performance characteristics are as follows:

1, can automatically complete the opening box, carton forming, manual, bulb installation, lamp holder lining, sealing, hook (aircraft hole) and so on. And can be equipped with hot melt adhesive system to complete hot melt sealing.

2, the system is controlled by PLC. The use of photoelectric monitoring of each part of the action, abnormal operation, can automatically stop, show the cause, in order to timely troubleshooting.

3, the frame is arranged inside the main drive motor and clutch brake, and the machine plate is provided with the torque overload protection device of transmission system, in the case of overload, the main driving motor and the transmission part disengaged, ensure the safety.

4 、 the machine is equipped with intelligent detection device. No material automatic, no manual, no carton, easy to work with front road equipment.

5, the machine can be used alone, can also be used in conjunction with other equipment, forming a complete production line.

6, the machine can be used according to the different requirements of users, can change the packing specifications, adjustment and debugging is simple, which is suitable for mass production of single species, but also can satisfy the user many varieties of small batch production.

7 、 the equipment has product counting and operation speed display function.

8 、 the box adopts 304 stainless steel. Suitable for CMP requirements, the body surface of stainless steel outsourcing.

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