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Is The Aging Line Of LED Lamp Harmful To Human Body

- Nov 13, 2018 -

Is the aging line of LED lamp harmful to human body?

If it comes to the LED lamp aging line harm, because the LED lamp aging line once the aging of hundreds of thousands of LED lights, LED lights and LED lights lit the aging line operator's eyes are hazards to a certain extent, so the LED lamp aging line operators to operate with eye protection.

In addition, at the same time lit LED lamp radiation may have certain radiation hazards to pregnant women, finally pregnant women do not operate. Also, if the operator does not harm the LED lamp according to the operation procedures LED lamp aging line would cause the LED lamp aging line transmission part will be jammed or aging line electric injury or cause serious fatal damage, so in the operation of LED lamp aging line before the operation rules do detailed operation training in strict accordance with the LED lamp aging line operation.

If the normal LED lamp aging line operation process, then the human body is not harmful. The following Wenling City special for you to explain the general LED lamp aging line operation rules.

LED fluorescent lamp aging line

1, operation LED lamp aging line, check the equipment chain board, district voltage meter, electric clamp, power switch is normal, good grounding. If an exception is found, notify the management immediately. So as not to cause harm to humans.

2, LED lamp aging line must be operated after training, special personnel operation, equipment, electric box, non full-time personnel can not be opened, so as to avoid electric shock, accident.

3, and the LED lamp aging line power switch, press the green button panel on the lamp start switch, power after the start of the main display touch screen "engineers and drivers" interface, note: the small red button to power off, big red emergency stop button. These two buttons are the stop button in the LED light aging line which may cause harm during operation.

4, enter the operating system, menu selection, engineers set up the parameters and debugging, technician operation and testing. Must pay attention to the operation of LED lamp aging line, you must adjust the parameters and debugging to carry out normal aging production, so as not to appear unnecessary hazards.

5, LED lights installed in the aging line, remove the aging line must be in the designated area! According to the production requirements, the technician adjusted the voltage and the speed of the chain to meet the requirement of aging. This should be carried out in strict accordance with the regulations so as not to cause unnecessary harm.

6, LED lamp aging and electrical parameter test is inclined side placed in each parking space

7, electrical parameters test, transportation speed of 15, open the test interface touch test, test in progress, stop and touch the test. Panel lights, electrical parameters, after the test, the power test report into the U disk.

8, panel lights aging and testing, the panel lights in the no electricity zone for demolition

9, every day after work, you must turn off the power supply, long time no aging line, cut off the power supply

LED light aging line operators strictly after training, and strictly in accordance with the operating procedures for operation, generally no harm to the human body.

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