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LED Aging Line Operating Instructions And Precautions

- Nov 13, 2017 -

Energy-saving lamp hair tube Aging Line components: by the basic line body, carrier car, conductive groove, electrical control and other four parts.

1, basic line body: the use of unilateral long axis chain traction conveyor, the pitch is t=38.1mm, power configuration is 0.75kw/220v motor, WPEO80 type 1=250 reducer box, the use of electronic inverter stepless speed Regulation (220V/1HP), line speed v=0~10m/mm adjustable, normal operating speed, in frequency conversion f=50hzf, v=5m/min.

2, Light trolley car: small trolley to carry out the detection of the capillary, each small car can be placed at the same time 16 of the capillary (2L), the use of magnet adsorption, to take, the hair tube convenient, fast. Each trolley hangs in the traction chain's Xiao Axle, may free to take the small trolley the power supply for the conductive copper brush through brushes the conductive rail stainless steel piece realizes, and with the unipolar dz43-16a switch, the 5A fuse, the machine power supply light. If there is a town of AIDS components burned out or leakage of the line, unipolar switch will trip protection.

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