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Non-standard Automatic Assembly Line Features

- Nov 13, 2018 -

1. Non-standard automated assembly line design is still more focused on standardization. It is produced in strict accordance with national standards. This also ensures reliable product safety, and does not make its quality not guaranteed;

2. Non-standard automated assembly line more focus on modularity: Because each user can according to their own different requirements for product customization. Non-standard automatic assembly line in this respect fully embodies its advantages, because it is a module, so can better play the performance of this module.

3. Non-standard automated assembly line more focused on the design of a simple, do not need to use very complex equipment, and the function is custom operation, is a relatively simple equipment. Some products are more popular because it has a lot of features, but sometimes we do not need so many functions, what should we do? Non-standard automatic assembly line can remove complex unwanted parts, then it is easier to operate.

4. Non-standard automated assembly line using the latest three-dimensional design software to make products more diversified. Each part of the product can be a separate assembly, and the non-standard automated assembly line function reduces the ownership of the component. The weight and center of gravity have been greatly improved, and such a design can also continue to be used in subsequent processing, unlike other products it is not a molding process;

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