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Congratulations On RongYu Machinery As The First Council Member Of The Guangdong Robotics Association

- May 01, 2018 -

Congratulations on RongYu Machinery as the first council member of the Guangdong Robotics Association

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In December 28, 2017, the seminar on the development strategy of robotics and artificial intelligence and the 2017 annual meeting of the Guangdong robotics Association held a grand curtain in Jieyang. The meeting was jointly sponsored by the Guangdong robotics Association and the people's Government of Jieyang.

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Professor of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China Academy of Engineering Li Peigen, Dean of Zhejiang University, College of mechanical engineering Chinese Academy of Engineering Tan Jianrong, Professor of Central South University, the international navigation and motion control of Academy of Sciences, New York Academy of Sciences, academician of the American School of electrical and electronic Engineers (IEEE Fellow) will academician Cai Zixing, China Robot Industry Association executive director Song Xiaogang and other industry experts around the theme of "robotics and artificial intelligence", delivered a keynote speech from different perspectives and levels, to explore the development trend, the artificial intelligence and robotics technology, the frontier issues demand trends and hot spots.

Li Peigen Institute pointed out that AI will affect the progress of manufacturing industry in an all directional way. Combined with a large number of practical cases, we will analyze how the frontier technology such as intelligent design, intelligent sensing and control, deep learning and human-machine fusion will profoundly affect human life.

Academician Cai Zixing mentioned in the report that mankind will enter the era of ABC (A-- artificial intelligence, B-- big data and C-- Cloud Computing). In the era of ABC, the popularization of AI is the general trend. AI technology will be applied to all walks of life and enter thousands of households. Cai believes that the core element of AI is talents. The biggest factor restricting the development of AI is the huge talent gap. "Professional talents will become the biggest bottleneck of AI development".

The prospect of artificial intelligence Chinese Cai academicians expressed full confidence, he believes that China development of artificial intelligence has two major advantages: the advantages of intellectual resources and financial capital advantage, the future Chinese in artificial intelligence theory and technology may be just a little bit worse, but in the application will overtake the United States and other developed countries, have become catch up from behind.

For the rapid development of AI technology, it may lead to a series of ethical problems, such as "robot domination". Li academician believes that robots are not the separation or replacement of machines and humans, but the perfect combination of technology and life. Cai academician also put forward his own view: Overall, AI is still at the primary stage of development, which is still far from enough to threaten human survival, but its social impact should be highly valued.

Song Xiaogang director of China robot industrial alliance has analyzed the development trend of robot from the perspective of two international and domestic market dimensions. The song director puts forward, the background of the rapid growth in the global market for industrial robots, "China market ranked first, accounting for about 29.9% of sales in the global market, since 2013 has been four consecutive years of sales in the first", but "all over the world for industrial robots leading position in the international situation, the dual challenge China robot industry are facing products, relatively backward technology and foreign brands to accelerate the competition, need to improve their competitiveness, in order to break out.

With the large-scale application of robots, more and more industries realize that robots are the key to boost transformation and upgrading. Iconic enterprises such as home appliances, furniture and so on are planning robots to enter the field of robotics. How do robots and AI technology infiltrate the production and management process of enterprises? How to use new technologies to break through their predicament and catch up with the outlet of industrial upgrading are all the hot topics of intelligent manufacturing enterprises.

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It is reported that Guangdong held the robot's annual selection of Guangdong province since the establishment of the first robot Association Award, in recognition of the incentive mechanism have made outstanding contributions in the 2017 Guangdong province robot industry enterprises, is playing a leading role in advanced enterprises, promote the formation of innovation and entrepreneurial social atmosphere, technological innovation and industrial development of assisted robot. In the first place, the Guangdong robotics Association will continue to play the spirit of professional selection and stick to and continue the winning practices this year. It will create brand activities for the association and excavate more potential and strength of robot enterprises in Guangdong.

At present, a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution is ready. Robots and artificial intelligence are expected to become the breakthrough point and important growth point of the new industry. The popularity of robots and artificial intelligence is an indisputable fact. Under this background, Jieyang must carry out the construction of the "2025 China manufacturing cities" pilot project. We must conform to the situation, grasp the opportunities, meet the challenges, and form a big pattern. Jieyang City Vice Mayor Liu Duanxiong said, I hope such a good opportunity, through mutual discussion, help Jieyang city traditional interests, transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, and contribute to the development of intelligent manufacturing industry of Jieyang City, want to rely on this platform of the conference, let more people understand and enter Jieyang, advances in technology research team excellent, cutting-edge the high-end industrial projects, Jieyang.

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