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Rong Yu Machinery: Cartoning Machine Upgrade For LED Lighting

- Nov 13, 2018 -

Rong Yu machinery: Cartoning machine upgrade For LED lighting

As we all know, the advantages of automation equipment is able to form a standardized, large-scale, reduce labor costs, etc., Rongyu mechanical automation packaging equipment is no exception.

"At present, the automated production line is in the stage of vigorous development. Rongyu machinery packaging line sales this year, the largest in the first half sales reached 15 million yuan, is expected this year compared to last year's sales doubled trend. With "pride" to tell you.

Recently, Rongyu Machinery once again focused on the introduction of new upgrades after the smart cartoning machine.

It is understood that the standard cartoning machine to complete the automatic carton molding, open, product packaging, sealing and other workers, equipment operating speed of 60-80 boxes / minute, for A series of light bulbs, G45, C37 shared.

According to Bianjin introduction, "after the upgrade of the smart cartoning machine than the previous cartoning machine more intelligent, the original cartoning machine based on the upgrade to achieve automatic folding hook, installed lining, installed manual function, such as equipment failure, equipment Automatic shutdown alarm and synchronization in the user interface display solution, the production line of employees can be troubleshooting in a timely manner.

According to the packaging line value assessment table can be seen, automated assembly only need 4 (captain 1, operator 3 people on the material), production capacity can reach 3600pcs / H, is 1.8 times the artificial capacity, but also can save 21 people , According to two calculations can save 34 people / day.

In view of this, if the per capita wages by 3,500 yuan / month, a group of staff costs is 3500 * 21 = 73500 yuan / month, that is, one year can save labor costs about: 73500 * 12 = 882,000 yuan.

"Our smart cartoning equipment line price of 500,000 yuan, the rate of return of only 7.5 months.Currently, smart cartoning machine market feedback is good, with the equipment orders have been in short supply, orders have been discharged to October, improve production capacity is imminent , 60% of the orders for the user to return to the user and upgrade the project to the user.

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