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RongYu We Are The Best Team

- Nov 13, 2018 -

In order to enhance the grassroots staff cohesion, a sense of belonging, embodies unity and friendship

Help each other team spirit, create a good corporate culture

So that employees have a more positive and progressive look better put into work

Rongyu Intelligent Machinery Organization of all staff to carry out Huizhou three-day tour activities.

We went to the seaside,the sea was as bulb as sky,and bathing in the sunshine on the beach,was really an enjoyable thing.



The second day,We go to the Expand training...

WeChat 圖片_20170814144733.jpg

This training is a great baptism of physical and mental,

It is not just a simple training,

But a culture, a spirit, a concept,

But also a kind of thinking, a test, a spirit.

In the training ground,

We forget the age, forget the identity of the work, forget the life

The environment, we put aside everything, threw himself into the training.

We have a unified and loud name - Rongyu

wechat 圖片_20170814144733_副本.jpg

Everybody there was having a terrific time~

We Are The Best Team 

--  RongYu

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