Routine Maintenance Work For The Cartoning Machine

- Dec 13, 2017 -

What are the routine maintenance work for the cartoning machine?

The routine maintenance of the cartoning machine is necessary and the correct maintenance can reduce the incidence of failures and improve the service life of the carton. What are the routine maintenance work of the cartoning machine?

      Under normal circumstances, the daily maintenance of the cartoning machine, including cleaning, fastening, lubrication, and anti-corrosion and other routine maintenance work, engines, clutches, transmissions, transmission components, such as cartoning machine main components of the inspection and adjustment of the wear and tear, Detect these regular, focused maintenance work. In addition, in the seasonal replacement, the cartoning machine needs to carry out seasonal maintenance, including the power system, transmission, air pressure, control and other major systems fault detection and maintenance work.

In the production needs need to stop production, but also do the carton machine as a whole anti-corrosion, moisture, rust and other work.

      The above maintenance procedures are relatively simple and easy to operate, the company can use according to the cartoning machine, maintenance manual on the cartoning machine to maintain, such as failure can contact the manufacturer to debug the replacement.


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