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The Scope And Main Features Of The Food Cartoning Machine

- Nov 13, 2018 -

The scope and main features of the food cartoning machine

In the daily life, there are many places where the cartoning machine is used, and many fields are using 

the cartoning machine. Because the use of the cartoning machine can reduce the workload of people, the

 work of cartoning is mechanized. Moreover, The cartoning machine has a series of products such as an 

automatic cartoning machine and a medicinal cartoning machine. The cartoning machine produced by 

our company can automatically put medicines, instructions and so on into the box, and can also 

complete the action of the cover box.

Food cartoning machine

Scope of application

Pharmaceutical industry: medicine board, oral liquid, ampoule, vial, bagged granules, plaster, ointment, aerosol and other series of carton packaging products.

Food industry: ice cream, egg rolls, biscuits, sausages, bread, bagged coffee, seasoning bags, milk powder and other series of carton boxes.

Daily chemical industry: toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, pen, mask, face cream, lipstick, etc. Series carton packaging products.

Health care industry: condoms, real pregnancy sets, and so on.

Hardware appliances: bearings, bulbs (energy-saving lamps), switches, sockets, relays and other series of carton packaging products.

Auto parts industry: spark plugs, filters, car bulbs, motorcycle bulbs, piston rings, automotive electronics and other series of carton boxes.

Plastic industry: plastic wrap, plastic products, and other series of carton packaging products.

Entertainment industry: pen, stapler, ink pad, playing cards, puzzles, toys, handicrafts and other series of carton packaging products.

Tissue paper: paper towel, sanitary napkin, pad, cotton pad, etc.

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