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What Kind Of Industry Can Use The Production Line

- Nov 13, 2018 -

What kind of business can use the production line

In the LED lighting industry, the use of production lines can greatly increase the efficiency and reduce costs. However, not every business can use the production line, the use of production lines to produce although it can greatly improve the economic efficiency of enterprises, but not all products can be organized production, with what conditions can use the production line?

   1, product structure and process is relatively stable, the product design to achieve the "structure of the process." The so-called structure of the process, refers to the structure of products and parts can make in the pipeline may be the most efficient and most economical process, the product components in the structure of the generalization of the high degree of standardization in the process may be Using a typical process.


   2, the composition of the production process of the process can be decomposed and merged to meet the process of synchronization (synchronization) requirements.

   3, to have enough large output, enough to ensure that the normal load of work. Because the production line and specialized, standardized closely linked to an advanced form of production organization. The production scale of the same kind of parts (or products) is an important condition for determining whether or not a pipeline can be used.

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