Pop Can Automatic Wrapping And Shrinking Machine

Pop Can Automatic Wrapping And Shrinking Machine

The pop can automatic wrapping and shrinking machine is new model packing machine. Factory which install this kind of packing machine , can wrapp the pop can product with different specifications.Not only for the Pop can drinks product , but also the botttled water, bottled beer, can beer , glass bottle,carton box . The biggest feature of this machine is wrapping and shrinking the product in the sleeve packing way.

Product Details

Pop can automatic wrapping and shrinking machine



The shrink packaging machine is suitable for the bottomless and bottomless packaging of pop can, mineral water (bottled water), beer, glass bottles, drinks, cartons and so on.

The Shrinking machine needs to put the product manually, and the machine automatically completes a series of actions of pushing, sealing and heat shrinkable packaging, which greatly reduces the labor intensity and improves the working efficiency.

The blade of the film cutter is made of alloy blade, coated with Teflon, non stick knife, sealing and cutting effect is good.

The membrane rack plus the pulling film motor avoids the problems arising from the sealing and cutting of the large volume PE film.

The Venetian blinds are used in the furnace, and the effect of hot air circulation is good.

Adopting advanced New technology, its main accessories are famous brands in China.

The machine has stable performance and long service life.

Product features

In the process of contraction, the quality of the package is not affected, but the shrinkage is fast and perfect. The products after the packaging can be sealed, moisture-proof, and anti impact. It is suitable for the tight packaging of many articles and the packing of the pallets.

1. draw the advanced technology , and combine the domestic present situation, with the unique originality, carry on the automatic collection, finishing, stacking and coating heat contraction to all kinds of packaging, so as to overcome problems about the inadequacy of the unstable loading, the  machine  crash and the small and small volume small box products . The scope and ability of the machine in the field of packaging.

2. A large number of supporting parts of famous international companies are adopted. The electrical components of the whole machine adopt OMRON, Air-tac  and other  brand components. The equipment runs stably and reliably.

3. It can not only operate the small box package independently, but also connect with the front end box machine. It is connected with the packing machine at the back end, and no special mechanical devices need to be added.

4. Packaged products are smooth and neat, wrapped tightly and firmly welded.

Technical parameters



Material size(Lmm


Material size(Mmm


Material size(Hmm


Wrapping speed PCS/min


control temperature


Max. cutting film size


Power( KW)


Extral gas source(kg/cm²)




Overall size(L*W*Hmm

1000*1000*1800machine standard width after installation is about 2500

Out-proportioning size requirement

 The height of High shrinkage furnace landing 890
The height of transmission rack landing 800




The pop can automatic wrapping and shrinking  machine can meet the great market demand,and save the labour increase the working productivity.

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